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Terms and Conditions

We invite everyone to meet Activists, i.e. the people who stood behind most of the protests, demonstrations, meetings and conferences that have happened in the last over 2 years around the world.

The purpose of the meeting is to enable these amazing and generally hidden people to share with us their successes and failures, their experience and their thoughts on the next steps.

Due to the limited space, we are able to offer 50 unique tickets for this one-of-a-kind event.

We encourage you to participate in the panels by asking questions and to talk to activists not currently participating in the panels.

The topics of the panels are strictly defined and the time is limited.

As organizers, we reserve the right to remove anyone who: disturbs the order, does not follow the organizers' recommendations, promotes content commonly considered offensive, or attacks any social, national, cultural or religious group verbally or physically.

We invite and greet ALL the organizers